Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Title Backdrop

As the title of my blog suggests, I have ventured to the Levant, searching for those savants that combine entrepreneurial zeal with original thought. Indeed, it is my belief that the strength of Israeli high-tech rests on the high concentration of entrepreneurial and technical savants. By this, I mean super-geniuses that dwarf even the brilliant people around them. These are the people that render “key man” insurance useless, as they are truly priceless.

Start-ups are often built around such technical savants, and the high incidence of such talent explains the high concentration of start-up innovation in this part of the Mediterranean. I can't provide a good explanation for the prevalance of such people, except maybe to point to the preceding generations that devoted themselves to study, observation and proficiency.

Entrepreneurilsm is a trait found most common among immigrants. So it is no surprise that a country of immigrants has produced so many people with a penchant for risk and an eye for opportunity. Even as immigration has dwindled, entrpreneurialism and individualism is fully engrained in Israeli culture.

And before anyone assigns political significance to my use of the geographical term Levant(which historically refers to lands in modern day Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, as well as all of modern-day Israel), please note that I have taken poetic license.

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